Information about FACE - The Face Painting Association
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FACE : The Face Painting Association

FACETo assist visitors to our web site in making an informed choice over the face painter they hire, UK-Facepainting identifies advertisers who are members of FACE, The Face Painting Association.

FACE is a UK based, international association formed to raise the profile of face painting worldwide.

FACE introduced a quality standard to the industry, ensuring that those who employ face painters have a central point from which to choose proficient and insured face painters in their area, in whom they can have complete confidence of both quality and professionalism,. Further information on the aims of FACE can be found on their web site (link at the bottom of this article).

Each member has passed an accreditation test, ensuring their work meets the high standard set by FACE and can produce these fantastic artworks quickly to minimise queuing times at your event.


All FACE members use only materials which have been approved for use on face and bodies.


All FACE members, wherever they operate, are insured (UK members hold a minimum of £2 million for public liability).

Code of Conduct

FACE members operate within the FACE Code of Conduct, employing strict health and safety practices. Here are some of their pledges:

  • To follow the Code of Practice (including health and safety, approved materials for skin and age restrictions)
  • To follow best employment practice
  • To deal fairly with colleagues
  • To represent FACE to the best of the member's ability
  • Never to display photographs of other painters work without permission
  • To attend an annual 'MOT' check to maintain the standard of face painting.

To become a member of FACE, painters are required to pass a time limited accreditation test. This benefits both the painters and those who use them, ensuring that members provide a consistent level of high quality painting and service.

FACE membership requires high quality painting, linked with a level of speed and knowledge of the industry, including best practice health and safety procedures.

Does this mean that face painters who are not FACE members are not as good?

No, not necessarily. We identify FACE members to help you make an informed decision on the face painter you hire. There are many excellent face painters who are not members of FACE, unfortunately, there are also many not-so-good face painters around. We would therefore encourage you to exercise due-diligence when making your selection. Please don't allow price to be your only deciding factor.

Joining FACE

If you're a face painter, becoming a member of FACE can turn your hobby into a profession, enabling you to provide the very highest of standards of painting, and health and safety to your clients.

For more information on becoming a FACE member, visit the 'How to Join' section at


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