A Simple Guide to Booking a Face Painter
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A Beginner's Guide to Booking a Face Painter

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Hiring the right face painter can be a little daunting. However, with the help of this short guide to booking a face painter and the UK-Facepainting web site, you'll be in a position to choose the right person for your event or party.

At the very least, professional face painters should hold public liability insurance and will be expected to use professional standard, EEC and FDA approved water-based face paints.

Consider the quality of face painter you will need for your event. Will 'cheap and cheerful' do? Or do you require a painter of a higher standard? When you have found a face painter that you are interested in booking, even if you have initially contacted them via email, it is a good idea to discuss your requirements with them by telephone. After admiring their beautiful work online, ask if the images in the website gallery are a true reflection of the quality of face painting you can expect to receive on the day. Actually speaking to your chosen face painter is an excellent way of getting a feeling for what sort of person it is that you'll be dealing with. After all, this will be somebody who will be coming to your party!

Experienced painters are able to paint around 8-12 children in the space of an hour, depending on the design and the conditions in which they are working, (you'll get the best work from a face painter who isn't too crowded and has enough space to work steadily). You can use this as a guideline to establish how long to book a face painter for or to find out how many face painters you will need at your event. Face painting rates vary, particularly from region to region, but do tend to indicate the quality of the face painter. Most face painters are able to paint staple faces like tigers, princesses, spiderman, butterflies etc to an adequate standard. However, if you want to book a face painter who has the skill and previous experience to respond to a variety of requests creatively as well as quickly, then expect to be quoted a minimum fee of around £100. Good professional face painters often get booked up quickly, especially at weekends. With this in mind, it is always advisable to place your booking well in advance of the date of the event or party.

If you're ready to find a face painter in your area, check-out the UK Face Painting directory. We have face painters available all over the UK.

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